1. That’s my old apartment on 277 Henry St where I wrote After The Flood. Second floor, rear studio.

  2. richardswift:

    Having a grand ol time but miss home

    Feel ya.


  3. thebooksmusic:

    Hey All,

    Nick here. I originaly wrote this for Impose Magazine, as part of their friends with benefits section. It’s the condensed story of how my wife, Molly, and I built our home in Vermont… I’d like to write about it more, since it was one of the big projects I tackled during the break…

    Nice piece by Nick Zammuto from The Books and Zammuto, on leaving Brooklyn for Vermont, homesteading and building his studio. Heard his new solo album Anchor yesterday at Rough Trade. Blew my mind.

  4. The street I grew up on.

  5. Out.

  6. Storm King Art Center upstate with the babe.

  7. There’s No Way To Know What’s Coming Round The Bend.

  8. Flying Lotus.

  9. FKA Twigs.

  10. This crooner.  

  11. Wapiti. Natch History Museum.

  12. New video (and first off the new album) for the song, No Way To Know What’s Coming, in the works.  

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  15. Merchandise.

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