1. Yesterday Nashville. Today here.

  2. Daniel Lanois guitar and pedal steel rig for the Emmylou Harris Wrecking Ball tour tonight at BAM.

  3. Loved making noise with these dudes this week. Marco Giovino and Viktor Krauss. Too easy.

  4. Cutting a new Omar Rodriguez Lopez album in Nashville with an unbelievable crew.  

  5. All up in Nashville making records with the boys. Back in my old hood.


  6. image

    Nashville sessions.

  7. Staples Singers.  Freedom Highway.

  8. Benji Lysaght. Late At Night.

  9. Real Estate.

  10. Burt Bacharach.

  11. A white horse came running from out in the distance, and was trying to tell me something with its eyes.

  13. Future Islands.

  14. Twins.

  15. After The Flood. The first poem from Rimbaud’s Illuminations. And the name of my new album. (at Somewhere In Brooklyn)