1. The street I grew up on.

  2. Out.

  3. Storm King Art Center upstate with the babe.

  4. There’s No Way To Know What’s Coming Round The Bend.

  5. Flying Lotus.

  6. FKA Twigs.

  7. This crooner.  

  8. Wapiti. Natch History Museum.

  9. New video (and first off the new album) for the song, No Way To Know What’s Coming, in the works.  

  10. (Source: richardswift)


  12. Merchandise.

    (Source: wmerchandise, via 4-a-d)

  13. Redwing Blackbirds.

  14. First track off the new record we made with Richard Swift, Ever Motion.  

  15. New workshop framed and sheathed. Ma named it the phone booth, cus its the only place on the land where you can get a little service.